The Seresto collar is an effective flea and tick treatment that has been around for many years. Unfortunately, there are fake products out there that offer no protection to your pet and can even be dangerous. If you’re in the market for a Seresto collar, here are some ways to tell if it’s fake.

1. Check the packaging: The packaging for genuine Seresto collars should have a label with a silver hologram on it showing the Bayer Cross logo. This is not featured on any fakes. It should also include clear expiration date label as well as clear “Use Before” instructions along with the weight of your pet listed on it.

2. Check the ingredients: Genuine Seresto collars contain only two active ingredients – imidacloprid and flumethrin – which effectively repel fleas and ticks for seven months or more after application to your pet’s neck area as recommended by your veterinarian. Fake products often contain unknown or untested active ingredients that may not protect against parasites at all or may even be harmful to your pet.

3. Look out for pricing anomalies: Be sure to compare prices at several locations before you buy so you make sure you’re getting a genuine product at a reasonable price. If a store’s pricing doesn’t match up with competitors’ prices, then it’s likely they are selling fake collars at inflated prices due to their popularity and demand in recent years among pet owners looking for effective flea and tick protection solutions for their pets without resorting to heavy pesticide-based treatments like sprays or dips that require re-application monthly or even more frequently than that in certain areas prone to high levels of infestation from these annoying parasites.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to tell whether the Seresto collar you purchase is genuine or not, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re providing your pet with an effective flea and tick repellent product while still keeping them safe from potentially harmful effects of a fake product..

Examine the Packaging: An authentic Seresto coller will come in a sealed and tamper-resistant container

The packaging is one of the first things that you should look at to identify a fake Seresto collar. An authentic Seresto collar will come in a sealed and tamper-resistant container. It should also have a clearly visible logo and product name printed on it or embossed on the plastic.

The back of the package will also include key details about the product, like its expiration date, manufacturer’s information, active ingredients, dosage instructions, and warning labels. Make sure this information is included on the package before taking it home from the store! These details are critical in telling if your Seresto collar is real or fake.

Finally, look for any signs of tampering like tears or stretches in the packaging that might indicate that someone has opened or damaged it before you bought it. If there are signs of tampering, don’t buy it – no matter how tempting it may be! A genuine Seresto collar should always come with proper packaging that hasn’t been opened or manipulated in any way.

Check the Product Name & Logo: The genuine product will feature a clear logo and name, while knockoffs sometimes contain incorrect font or spelling errors.

One of the most important steps you can take to ensure that your Seresto collar is genuine is to check the product name and logo. All genuine Seresto collars will feature a distinct logo containing the words “Seresto,” as well as a clear name of the product. It should also be printed in the correct font size and style.

On the other hand, some fake Seresto collars will feature incorrect spelling or fonts, leaving you unsure of its legitimacy. Additionally, you may find less expensive products with names similar to Seresto but not quite identical. Remember that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is – so double-check for subtle signs of a fake!

Look at the Price Tag: Counterfeit Seresto collars may be available at much cheaper prices than their real counterparts.

One surefire way to tell if a Seresto collar is real or fake is to look at the price tag. Counterfeit Seresto collars may be available at much cheaper prices than their real counterparts. If you see a much lower price than what the genuine version usually goes for, then the chances are high that the Seresto collar you’re looking at is not genuine.

It’s also important to remember that no matter how legitimate a website may appear, you should always double-check with an unbiased third party when it comes to purchase something as important as a flea and tick repellent collar. At the end of the day, it’s simply not worth risking your pet’s health and well-being just to save a few bucks.

To summarise

Researching and comparing for the difference between fake and original Seresto collars can protect you from purchasing an inferior product that may not offer the same level of protection as expected.

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